Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LIZ CLAIBORNE Clearance Sale..!


1. Large wallet selling at RM 150
More pictures here ..!

2 unit multi :
(one sold to Nurmandee, AVAILABLE ONE UNIT in Kuala Lumpur)

From top : 2 slate, 1 bronze (sold to Ayuzzz), 1 black gold, 2 multi

2. Medium wallet selling at RM 120 each
More pictures here.

3. Wristlet / Clutch : EACH will be selling at RM 110.00
More pictures here..! and here

Available :

1 multi (MARIA) 1 berry (AYA), 1 heritage (TAN)

3 clutch in cognac :
(reserved for Lin, Jo-Anne)

4. Crossbody / Sling : Selling for RM 150 each.

1 camel/gold (sold to Sazlina)

1 unit brown (sold to Ayuzzz)

1 unit black/gold (Sold to Amelda)

2 unit multi AVAILBLE. (one sold to bai zura, xoxo) 1 camel (sold to Inur)


-Nadya- said...


i nak tanyaa sling bag nih besar mana yee?!? tali dia panjang tak? means bleh tak kita adjust?

do reply me back in email


* Nat Azmi * said...

hi ayu

clutch in cognac tu still available?

if yes, do email me at



.:masitahadie:. said...

hi ayu...

large wallet black-gold stil available?

reply at

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