Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Special CORELLE Pre-order! Limited time and Limited Quantity !

Dear friends,

I'm currently taking order for Correlle D
innerware Set for my friends in Malaysia and you can also grab this golden opportunity to get the sets with the knockoff price!

All orders will be shipped via sea in the container, and it will take approximately 1 ++ months for it to arrive to the final destination. So, be aware of it, and if you are impatient, please, don’t place an order. Only serious and patient buyers are welcome!

All items are scheduled to be shipped in Mid Oct 2009, and are expected to arrive in Malaysia early December `09.

The allowance quantity is limited to the first 20 orders (possibly more) until my shipping quota is met.

Self pick up is preferred, but further delivery in Lembah Klang can be arranged as well.

Deposit of RM 200 is required for each set (deposit is non refundable). Balance is to be paid during the shipping process, the latest - by the time items reach KL.

I am ready to take your orders, are you ready to place them? You have time till October 12th, 2009. Once deposit is made, I will email you the confirmation.

Each set will be sold at RM 480 regardless of design or pieces (16 or 20 pieces) as below.
Please quote the full 'name' set when ordering.
Any inquiry, please send me your email now! First come first serve ya..!

1. 20 pieces Corelle Antique Linen Set - RM 480

2. 16 pieces Corelle Impressions Spring Set -RM 480

3. 16 pieces Corelle Kobe Set - RM 480
4. 16 pieces Corelle Pretty Pink Set - RM 480

5. 16 pieces Cherry Blossom Set - RM 480
6. 1
6 pieces Corelle Bamboo Leaf Set - RM 480

7. 16 pieces Corelle Square Simple Set - RM 480
8. 16 pieces Corelle Blue Swirls Set - RM 480
9. 20 pieces Corelle Summer Meadow Set - RM 480

10. 20 pieces Corelle Enhancements Set - RM 480
11. 20 pieces Corelle Tapestry Set - RM 480
12. 16 pieces Corelle Tulip Bouquet Set - RM 480
13. 16 pieces Corelle Camellia Set - RM 480

* taken from www.corelle.com

Corelle Dinnerware Sets

Corelle® is one of the most recognized names in dinnerware in the world. For over three decades, we have been making lightweight and stylish glass plates that look good year after year. As the original manufacturer of Corelle® break and chip-resistant dinnerware, our dishes are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Today Corelle is still the hottest thing in dinnerware. It’s estimated that over half of U.S. households have a Corelle dinnerware set. The brand’s unmatched functionality combined with smart styling has made it a mainstay in kitchen dinnerware.

Corelle is manufactured using a hub lamination process that thermally bonds three layers of glass together: core glass in the center surrounded by clear, thin layers of glaze glass. The result is a material called Vitrelle glass - a lightweight and durable product that can withstand whatever you dish out!

We feature six distinct lines including Livingware, Impressions, Square, Lifestyles, Ultra and Hearthstone. Each line is designed to fit the way you live and features a unique assortment of dinnerware patterns to dress up any table. From elegant and traditional designs to funky, modern dishes, there is a Corelle pattern to fit every lifestyle.

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