Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dear friends,

Since I have received tonnes of inquiries on Pyrex and Corningware, I'm currently taking order for Pyrex and Corningware too instead of Corelle only...!
But limited to the items offering in Shopping With Ayu only.

But please view my shipping terms below before ordering! Intolerant and impatient buyers are not acceptable.

All orders will be shipped via sea in the container, and it will take approximately 1 ++ months for it to arrive to the final destination. So, be aware of it, and if you are impatient, please, don’t place an order. Only serious and patient buyers are welcome!

All items are scheduled to be shipped in Mid Oct 2009, and are expected to arrive in Malaysia early December `09.

The allowance quantity is limited to the first 20 orders (possibly more) until my shipping quota is met.

Self pick up is preferred, but further delivery in Lembah Klang can be arranged as well.

Small deposit is required for each set (deposit is non refundable). Balance is to be paid during the shipping process, the latest - by the time items reach KL.

I am ready to take your orders, are you ready to place them? You have time till October 12th, 2009. Once deposit is made, I will email you the confirmation.

Please quote the full 'title' set when ordering.
Any inquiry, please send me your email now! First come first serve ya..!
This offer only come one time only, until further notice.

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